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Armour Technology Australia (ATA) established in 2014, is an Australian unlisted public company with over 20 years of experience delivering retro-fit ballistic and blast composite armour walling and armour glass protection technology (that withstands level 4 kinetic energy shock wave from impact bullet or blast event) to protect domestic and international governments, military defence and commercial end-user assets in the needs protection market.

ATA manufactures armour solutions which are cost-effective, comprehensive, of ballistic-blast and wind-impact shield safeguard protection.  These products and systems protect life and at-risk property,  nation-defence asset, government, law enforcement, security, commercial and private property, and personal high net-worth individuals.

ATA’s products are designed to meet the (client needs of) international standards: ISO, NATO, AS-NZS 2343-1997, NIJ, UL, CEN, DIN, HP WHITE, and STANAG test accreditation. The products are designed to exacting client requirements of armored protection to shield against ballistic and blast fragmentation shrapnel, RPG and IED, and grenade.

In delivering first-rate (self-manufactured) armour protection technology solutions, ATA also provides consultancy, transfer of I.P. technology contracts, training and turn-key packages via their exceptionally diverse management team.  Their uncompromising integrity, embraced creativity and bespoke innovation consultancy, delivers the highest personable approach and outcome to serve your unique needs.

ATA’s in-house ballistic testing lab is set up to meet the most stringent ballistic standards of certification. Finally for industry recognised certification, ATA contracts an industry leader and independent accredited testing laboratory – B.M.T. (Ballistic and Mechanical Testing) a Melbourne (Australia) based company.

Mission Statement – protection without compromise
History and relationships matter to ATA. It is about the difference between being a number in a computer and having a long-time personal contact that you can take at their word.  We continue to challenge all of our business processes to achieve and exceed our customer and groups key performance indicators in operational and commercial sectors.

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